Ventilation Engineers

William Bailey often undertake a variety of ventilation schemes covering a wide range of applications.  A few examples are as follows:-

  • Dedicated extract ventilation systems. Ducted twin extract fan systems for W.C. and changing room environments.
  • Warehouse / Factory roof extract ventilation systems.
  • Motorised passive make-up air louvres (natural ventilation).
  • Commercial kitchen canopy ventilation schemes.
  • Process extract – for heat rejection in manufacturing processes.
  • LEV – Welding bay / Soldering extract ventilation comprising of in-line fans, hoods and flexible arms.
  • Vehicle exhausts extract ventilation schemes based on recoil arm flexible duct system and in-line extract fans.
  • William Bailey have also become involved in fully ducted air conditioning systems via common air handling plant typically comprising of motorised mixing chambers, panel or bag filters, frost heater batteries, supply / extract fans, chilled water / DX cooling coils, main heater batteries (LTHW or steam / condensate) and in-line duct attenuation. All ductwork systems are installed to HVCA DW144 requirements and are fully insulated on completion to provide a vapour seal.
  • Tempered Fresh Air Ventilation Systems are generally adopted to satisfy Building Regulations requirements for building occupancy levels where there are no openable windows. In these instances air handling plant and associated ductwork are installed to meet CIBSE requirements and incorporate air handling plant consisting of motorised damper, panel / bag filters, electric / LTHW heater batteries, supply / extract fans and in-line packaged attenuation.
  • Specialist applications include swimming pool ducted air handling and dehumidification plant.
  • Process humidification serving operations such as concrete curing, laboratories and pharmaceutical sterilisation.
  • Clean Room installations including both chilled water and laminar flow close control through high efficiency HEPA filters.
Ventilation Services
Ventilation Services
Ventilation Services
Ventilation Services