Plumbing Engineers

William Bailey undertake all aspects of plumbing which are carried out to the latest Water Board Regulations and Institute of Plumbing guidelines for both the private / public and commercial sectors and include the following:-   Various types of sanitary ware installations comprising of baths, showers, W.C.’s wash basins and bidets.

  • William Bailey very often become involved with bar, hotel and restaurant fit outs where more specific plumbing applications relate to commercial kitchen fit outs comprising of sinks, dishwashers, washing machines, ice making machines, chilled water machines, tea / coffee making machines etc.
  • All above ground drainage installations are carried out in either UPVC push fit, solvent weld or MUPVC / HDPE heavy duty drainage systems. William Bailey are frequently requested to design and install above ground cast iron drainage for multi-storey or basement car park environments where the durability and robustness of product is paramount.  In addition William Bailey carry out specialised laboratory drainage systems in chemical and acid resistant pipework.
  • William Bailey can also provide lead, copper or aluminium weathering services for decorative façade purposes or roof weatherings incorporating hips and step flashing along with expansion rolls etc.
  • Many clients employ William Bailey to incorporate rainwater harvesting systems into their new build projects where underground tanks store rainwater which is then pumped through dedicated systems of pipework to provide sanitation and flushing facilities for office or public building toilet blocks.