Heating Systems

William Bailey have become involved with various types of heating installations covering a wide range of commercial and industrial projects enabling them to offer schemes to cover most enquiries.  A few typical examples are as follows:-

  • Commercial wet heating schemes serving office blocks, universities, retail developments and hotels in either steel or copper pipework. Various types of heat emitters are often used ranging from:-
    • Pressed steel radiators
    • Low surface temperature radiators
    • Fan convectors
    • Ceiling voids fan coils and radiant panels
    • Underfloor heating
    • High or low level pipe coils and radiant panels
  • Natural gas, LPG or oil fired central heating installations for the public / private sector, housing sites or commercial city centre apartment block developments. Examples of completed contracts include:-
    • 95 No. Luxury Apartment Block at Standard Hill, Nottingham for Crosby Homes
    • 13 No. Apartments at Mastin Moor for Pick and Stone Developments
    • 10 No. Apartments for AF Hunt Builders at Radcliffe upon Trent
  • Commercial gas or oil fired warm air heating installations serving workshops, garages, factories, warehouses and large retail outlets. These installations comprise of either suspended or floor standing style warm air heaters, destratification fans, gas or oil pipework and all testing and commissioning carried out by Gas Safe approved engineers.
  • Commercial gas or oil fired radiant tube heating installations serving factories and warehouse environments where spot heating is required due to high infiltration losses.
  • Process heating which can be in the form of various mediums. Steam and condensate systems where it is often used for sterilisation and de-aeration air handling
  • Low / medium and high temperature hot water systems used in a variety of other manufacturing processes including a field which William Bailey have been involved in for a number of years, the concrete curing industry which can often be on product lines up to 180m in length.